Meet The Founder

Hi there! I’m Antonia, the proud founder of Mothers & Daughters Empowered (MADE) and the creator of Bermuda’s first annual Mother Daughter Empowerment Tea. This enterprise was established to raise awareness on the importance of strengthening the mother-daughter bond. We create meaningful experiences through fun, educational and loving environments that offer insights into the crucial stages of development, major social influencers, and important self-care habits.
Antonia Holder | MNDEmpowered
Antonia Holder and daughter | MNDEmpowered

A Mother-Daughter Bond

is natural, organic, and deeply personal. But just like we nurture our friendships, enrich our marriages, and enroll in professional development programs, we too must nurture, enrich and develop our mother daughter bond. It is my hope that this may be the start of a vehicle that will empower mothers and daughters around the world to constantly elevate their relationship through small intentional acts of growth and development.

My Why

Their names are Logan and Layla and they deserve the best version of me to show up every day, but first, I had some major healing to do (and still do). Motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding undertaking I’ve ever signed myself up for, especially with having no mother of my own to turn to for all the major transitional motherhood moments that I now face. 

I know that I am not the only one trying to figure out this mother-daughter journey and if you’re reading this right now, something tells me that you are on a similar journey too. I invite you to join me as we build this community of Magnificent Moms and Darling Daughters through empowering ourselves with the necessary mindset needed to elevate our bonds. 

Antonia Holder and Daughter | MNDEmpowered

With the help of Mothers and Daughters Empowered, you’ll gain knowledge and tools that will break the barriers of communication.